I can't believe we stumbled upon Jon Scott because we THOUGHT he may be an expert in a very specific area where we wanted to live...He's actually a wizard at his job!! I could not even suggest anything that he could do better. He was always responsive, suggestive and full of ideas and reads people very well. He is pleasant yet straightforward and has been helpful in so many ways above and beyond the actual sale and negotiating. Did we mention that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for your real estate needs?? - mr777pilot,  Indian River Dr. Cocoa

Lynnette has extensive knowledge of Brevard county and especially the waterfront of Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island. She is very conscious of her buyers wants, wishes, needs and budget. With her being a long-term Brevard county resident, she not only knows the area of the listings she lives here making her an invaluable resource in finding your perfect home. ~ Jasin Youmans

Lynnette has helped me to locate and negotiate the purchase of a home for my son and a rental property. As we considered a new home she was always available to show them, she found places we liked, she saved us time by not taking us to places that didn't fit our desires or budget. In many ways she "guided" me thru the process. She is response, always prompt with phone & email. She is very knowledgeable of the residential market in this area. She has been helpful when I had questions about potential purchases and real estate questions, even when not directly related to a deal for her. ~ John & Tammi Durkee

For the last decade or so, Lynnette has helped me buy property and has also helped me with finding tenants for rental properties. She is an honest, direct, hard-working real estate agent and knows the Brevard county market very well. I'd recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation. ~ Jorge Cadiz

Lynnette's knowledge of the area is so impressive you might mistake her for a native. She was quick to respond and listened to what we wanted. No time was wasted looking at houses that didn't fit our desires. Lynnette also recommended an excellent mortgage guy which made for a seamless experience. I regularly recommend Lynnette. ~ Curtis & Meghan Guy

Rarely does someone make an impression to motivate me to actually sit down a write about it. Well Billie has made such an impression. Billie is remarkable in that she is able to cover all the bases, all the time and make it look easy. Her professionalism, efficiency and natural graceful interactions are purely amazing! I’ve never seen anyone so motivated, energetic, willing and able to pull magic out of a hat as she had done. What she does, the way she does it you can’t learn, it comes naturally. She has a gift, she is a gift. She helped us found a house we loved. I would recommend her to anyone. - Leslie Maki, Port St. John

Billie is absolutely AMAZING! I can't even begin to tell you how many late nights she worked to make the closing of our new home happen quickly and flawlessly. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. You'll never find anyone more committed and willing to move mountains with a smile on her face! Billie honestly deserves a 10 star review! - MaryAnn Rothwell, Port St. John